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How a Boho Top changed my life

Hippie Moon – that´s Armin & Me, Kathleen, a rehearsed team since 12 years.

We began our journey with Hippie Moon 3 years ago in Frankfurt/Main.

Since almost 2 years we´re living in Berlin, the spirit of the Bohemian Lifestyle revives in here, the city lives and pulsates.A paradise for Creatives & Freespirits. In short- we loooove it here!

It all began with the desire of a Crochet Bikinitop the ultimate Hippie It-Piece.

I searched and searched..but never found THE TOP, it was either a bad quality or the shop was on the other half of the world. It seemed too absurd that there has to be such an effort with planes etc. just for this “little piece”.

It had to be easier – I decided to create it by myself.

Hippie Moon - Die Hippie Moon Story Wie alles begann

I always loved to experiment with the most different materials, and created some clothes for myself back in the days. That´s why it wasn´t a big step to “just get started”.

I started to explore different fabrics and began to create my own samples.

Countless balls of wool, everywhere. Countless stitches, that had to be opened up…

A few days later I finally finished my first own design, with which I was happy ? (that was the most challenging part tho).

I didnt´t only focussed on the “unique design”, as well the focus was on the material.

Bikinitop, Boho, Häkeltop

It was really important to me to create a Bikinitop with a longevity and resistance.

Most of the Tops I´ve found in the “normal Stores”, were 100% Cotton, it´s for sure cheaper, but it doesn´t have the longevity and wears out pretty quickly.

Therefore I decided to use a Mix of Cotton & Elasthan.

It is a material which nestles optimal your body shape and in addition it´s super soft too.

Furthermore the Top should adapt to various activities.

Just imagine: It´s Summer, and you´re having a great time with your friends on the beach, wouldn´t it be nice when you could jump into the water with your Crochet Top?

You can do that with our Bikinitop ? the only thing to note is to rinse it with clear water afterwards and to let it dry laying on a towel, or you just let it dry on your body. Due to the high part of Elasthan the Bikinitop will be forming back to the original.

I was so proud as I held the first finished Top in my hands ?

This was exactly the vibe, that I wanted to spread around – Hippiechic Beachfeeling with Pearls,Feathers and Seashells. The tops became really popular in our circle of friends, everyone wanted to have one. To meet all expactations in a good way we decided to start a shop, the only thing left was a name and a logo.

Immidiately the name shooted in my head. The Logo came right after as I started to sketch around as if by magic. Hippie Moon was born ?☮️?

Of course we wanted our Logo somehow on our Top (Branding is key, right?).

We decided to go with a HIppie Moon Mojo, to ensure the Hippie Bohemian Vibe.

You see, Bohemian Fashion isn´t only a job for us, it´s a lifestyle. It´s a dream come true, to employ with your fashion everyday.

Peace & Love


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